Omgaan met bedplassen bij uw kind

Bedwetting Treatment Options

10% of children aged 3-15 years old experience bedwetting and the vast majority eventually grow out of it. One day, your child will stop having to worry about staying dry through the night. Whilst there is no magical cure for bedwetting there are things you can consider to help you and your child through this phase.
Behandelingsmethoden om bedplassen te stoppen

Enuresis Treatment

Parents will go to great lengths to ensure that their child is having the best childhood possible — and that includes finding ways to make bedwetting stop as early as possible.

Hoe praat u met uw kind over bedplassen?

When To Consider Bedwetting Medication

Bedwetting can be confusing and stressful, so it’s important to gather information on why your child might wet the bed, so you can answer their questions and offer support.

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