Behandelingsmethoden om bedplassen te stoppen

Enuresis Treatment

Parents will go to great lengths to ensure that their child is having the best childhood possible — and that includes finding ways to make bedwetting stop as early as possible.

Different Methodes of Management

When bedwetting continues beyond the age of 5 or so, many families choose to take their child to the doctor in order to rule out physical problems.

There is a limited number of medical interventions available to children with enuresis with few studies that have examined the efficacy of those, particularly in the long term* (*NICE. Bedwetting in under 19s. Clinical guideline CG111. 2010). Your doctor will be able to talk to you about the options and the pros and cons.

Bedwetting alarms

Go off in the night when wetness occurs to wake your child up and possibly give them enough time to go to the bathroom.

Medicine to reduce the amount of pee in the night

The human body creates an antidiuretic hormone to slow down the production of urine in the kidneys at night. This hormone sends a signal to the pituitary gland to stop us wetting the bed while we’re asleep, so a deficiency in this particular hormone will lead to bedwetting. The doctor can prescribe the medicine to take on the role of the hormone and decrease the volume of wee made at night.

Updated in November, 2023

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