Manage bedwetting

Why Is My Child Wetting The Bed?

From expert articles to support from those who have been there, find out how to best support your child in this phase so that their days can be worry-free.
Omgaan met bedplassen bij uw kinderen

Treatment Options

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One of the most common questions about bedwetting, also known as enuresis or night-time wetting, is "when will bedwetting stop?". This often results in unnecessary stress from parents blaming themselves for not knowing how to put an end to bedwetting. Remember that many families go through as well.​

Adviezen en tips tegen enuresis

Bedwetting Tips

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The most important thing to remember about bedwetting is that you’re not alone. As a parent the best approach is to support your child with calm and patience. To do this, here are some tips to support you

Travelling & Sleepovers

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Sleeping away from home on trips or sleepovers should be memorable and enjoyable. But if you’re worried about wetting the bed, they won’t be. These tips will help you manage the situation with confidence.



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Parents who have a child experiencing bedwetting can feel confused, frustrated and even isolated - it's not a topic a lot of people talk about. Know that you're not alone - many families manage bedwetting in their homes every day. We offer resources that can help you in the day-to-day management of bedwetting.

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