How to Help a Child Who Wets The Bed When Travelling vers

Wetting the bed can make sleeping away from home stressful for you and your child. We offer tips and suggestions that can make the travels less daunting and ease the stress of that first night away.

Bedwetting at Night During a School Trip

It’s important to remember that bedwetting is a common condition, so remember, you’re not alone. However, if you have an upcoming school trip and are worried about wetting the bed, we’ve put together some tips to help make your trip as fun and worry-free as possible.

Bedwetting During A Sleepover

Invitations to events such as sleepovers shouldn’t be a cause of worry. If you’re concerned about bedwetting on a sleepover or have previously wet the bed at a sleepover and worry it might happen again, try to remember many older children and teenagers wet the bed regularly.

Bedwetting Management Whilst on Holiday

With a child who wets the bed, there are extra considerations when planning holidays. And remember not to let your worries of bedwetting get in the way of enjoying your trip away.

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