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Causes of Bedwetting in Children

Learn the basics of bedwetting and its many causes. Our experts will also help sort out the myths from the facts so there can be less uncertainty for you and less worries for your child.
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Bedwetting and Staying Away from Home

A bedwetting child will be reluctant to spend the night away from home, with the understandable fear that they will wet the bed and the teasing that will result, here's how you can help your child get through this growth phase. 

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Talking to Your Children About Wetting the Bed

Although it is a common problem, children struggle to bring up the subject of bedwetting on their own. Help them to talk to you about it freely and show them your support. 

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What Causes Bedwetting in Children?

To understand the problem of bedwetting among children, it is necessary to consider the different factors which can cause nocturnal enuresis. 

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What is Bedwetting in Children?

Nocturnal enuresis is a urinary issue, which can occur in children aged over five and is estimated to affect over 18% of children, with no significant difference in occurrence between boys and girls.

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Why is my Child Wetting the Bed?

Wetting of the bed is linked to the kidney and bladder functionality.

Types of Enuresis in Children

There are 2 types of nocturnal enuresis that could affect your child as they grow.