The facts and myths about bedwetting

The facts and myths about bedwetting

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Bedwetting is a behavioural problem

Bedwetting among children is an entirely involuntary condition. It is neither a learning disability nor a behavioural problem. There is nothing to be gained by scolding or punishing your child.

It's a serious condition

The problem of infant bedwetting in over 5 years olds is very common and there are various possible reasons for this. It is unhelpful to dramatize the situation.

The child is not responsible for wetting the bed

Bedwetting is neither the fault of the child nor of their parents. Whilst inheritance may be a factor, it is unhelpful to place blame. Instead you must face the problem together.

There is an instant cure for bedwetting

Unfortunately, there is no instant cure for bedwetting. It must be left to take its course. However, we advise you that you discuss it with a doctor who will suggest various solutions tailored to your child. You can also teach your child to take responsibility for themselves. To cope with the problem of bedwetting on a daily basis, your child can wear DryNites® Pyjama Pants which will save them from wetting the bed and from unpleasant and embarrassing situations, especially when away from home (sleepovers, holiday camps...) Super absorbent, comfortable and discreet, DryNites® Pyjama Pants will allow your child to have a dry night, in total comfort and complete discretion.

Bedwetting goes away on its own without specific treatment

Enuresis problems can reduce until they disappear altogether without the need for any specific treatment. Every year, a decline in enuresis of 15% can be observed.* So be patient!

* FORSYTHE W.I., REDMOND A.: "Enuresis and spontaneous cure rate. Study of 1129 enuretics", Arch. Dis. Child., 1974; 49 :259-63.


had the same problem and I spoke to my son about it. I explained to him exactly what was happening.

_ Erica, 37

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