When should I consult a healthcare professional?

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Which specialist should I choose to treat bedwetting?

Specialist advice could help you and your child to face the problem of bedwetting. There are a number of healthcare professionals who can help you.

1. A general practitioner

If your child is under 5 years old and suffers from accidents during the day or if they are over 5 years old but still wet the bed at night, you are advised to discuss it with your GP, especially if the bedwetting persists beyond 7 years. It is also advised to consult your GP in the case of secondary enuresis (when a child starts to wet the bed again after a period of at least six consecutive months of nighttime dryness).

2. A paediatrician

Your GP can recommend you a paediatrician if initial treatments are unsuccessful.

3. A paediatric urologist

This specialist may be consulted only by referral from your GP or paediatrician. Referrals will be made in the case of daytime bladder leakage which may be caused by a recurrent urinary tract infection.

4. A psychologist

If your child is suffering as a result of regular bedwetting (loss of confidence, feelings of guilt or embarrassment, a tendency to isolate themselves, etc.), you are advised to see a psychologist. Visible symptoms in children include depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, behavioural issues and lack of concentration. An appointment with a psychologist can also be arranged by your GP or paediatrician.

5. The school nurse, school doctor or teacher

During a school trip, it is prudent to advise the group leader, nurse or doctor of your child's bedwetting problem.

6. The director of a summer camp

Discreetly inform the director of the summer camp about your child's problem. A responsible adult to inform could also be the group leader or health assistant.



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