A practical tool to tackle bedwetting

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A useful tool to help manage nocturnal enuresis

The 'little missions' calendar for dry nights

Drynites® has created a fun bedwetting calendar which can help your child to take responsibility for themselves through simple and enjoyable little missions.

Before going to sleep, the child can draw a symbol of their choice (a fish, a smiley face, etc.) on that day's space on the calendar - if they have fulfilled their missions for the day! The next day, they can draw another symbol if they had a good night and did not wet the bed. The drawings represent marks of progress, both for dry nights and for the child's efforts. These rewards ensure the child feels valued and their confidence is boosted. They learn simple developmental norms in a positive way and they develop independence as a result. Children can take the bedwetting calendar to their doctor to show off their progress!


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