Goede gewoonten van bedtijd tot wakker worden

How to Talk About Bedwetting to Siblings

Siblings often realise that their brother or sister is wetting the bed. And talking about it early and often — so they can learn how to be kind, compassionate and understanding is an important way to support your child.

Helping the kids get along

If you have more than one child, it's likely that you have seen your children squabble and fight. And for parents, helping the kids get along is one of the biggest priorities. When you add bedwetting into the sibling scenario, things can get even more complicated. But having open conversation with the children about how to be supportive of each other can prevent a lot of sibling rivalry and demonstrate the importance of sibling relationships built on respect.

Siblings often realize that their brother or sister is wetting the bed even before you start the conversation. So, one key part of any sibling relationship checklist is to talk about bedwetting early and often, so they understand how important it is to be kind and compassionate to their sibling. Bring them into the conversation by asking them how they feel and encourage them to come to you if they have ideas about how they can help or if they have questions.

How to Talk to Siblings about Bedwetting

Every family dynamic is different, so parents should ultimately do what works best for them and their children as they attempt to be supportive about bedwetting. Try these conversation starters with brothers and sisters:

You may or may not have noticed, but (child’s name) is sometimes wet at night and wears DryNites® Pyjama Pants to bed. These pants help keep them dry and comfortable while they’re sleeping.

(Child’s name) stays dry during the day, but sometimes they still wake up wet.

Bedwetting isn’t their fault, our fault or anyone’s fault. It’s just how their body is changing and developing as they grow and mature. It’s something they’ll grow out of when their body is ready.

There’s no need to make this a big deal to (child’s name), but I want to make sure you know so we can help them feel comfortable and patient about it. (Add personal example such as): You know you’re going to go for a sleepover with grandma in a few days, and (child’s name) is going to bring their DryNites® Pants to wear under their pyjamas. You may not even notice, but I want you to help them feel good by not teasing them in case you see.

I know you and (child’s name) may joke around and tease each other, but this isn’t something to tease about. I know how much you care for each other, so I’d love if you could help me make this as easy as possible for them by being kind and helpful.

Updated in November, 2023

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