DryNites® Pyjama Pants

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There are two sizes for boys and girls

Something for everyone!


Discover DryNites®, disposable Pyjama Pants. Specially designed for children over the age of three, it’s available for Boys and Girls in two different sizes : 4-7 years and 8-15 years

A suitable management solution for children who wet the bed.

Super Absorbant

Adapted to your child's age


Basically, they pull up like a pair of pants


Especially designed silent material

Product Reviews
8 Reviews
Was grateful to have received a sample, but unfortunately my son refused to wear it. He just thought it was a nappy. I thought it was quite funky and looked so comfy, but he did not want to feel like a baby.
Absolutely amazing... The only diaper that works
Portia Thipe
Super comfy,very absorbent,and the characters make it even better. My baby doesn't fuss because we call them Frozen pants😊
Drynites are so amazing, my daughter uses them and I love how she love the feel of the nappy and no more wet bed so I'm a happy mom. Thank you to Drynites
Best product ever, my boy can sleep peacefully and his confidence is slowly improving because no more wet bed and blankets.

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