Bedwetting and staying away from home

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Bedwetting and staying away from home

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As your child grows up, there will be more and more occasions for them to spend the night away from home. Whether staying at a friend's house, going on a school trip, going on a holiday camp... A bedwetting child will be reluctant to spend the night away from home, with the understandable fear that they will wet the bed and the teasing that will result. Bedwetting can be a real "handicap" for a child, which they are ashamed of and refuse to talk about.

However, encouraging this withdrawal is not a good idea, and can even be harmful to their social development. Remind them and reassure them that they are far from being the only child of their age that wets the bed. Talk to a doctor about it and, with your child's permission, tell a responsible adult who will be able to manage the problem in your absence.

DryNites® Pyjama Pants will prove to be very useful in these situations. Suggest to your child that they take them in their luggage so that they can put them on discreetly during their trip, at the time they go to bed. They are very discreet and will not be seen through their pyjamas or be noticed by the other children. Your child will simply have to throw them away the next morning - nobody will be any the wiser!

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