A bedtime routine

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A bedtime routine

A relaxing routine allows you to peacefully welcome the night ahead. Here are a few ideas to make bedtime a happy and calm moment. 

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Make a splash

A bedtime bath is not only a chance for your child to play and have fun, it's also an ideal moment to relax and talk about their day.

A cuddle break

Little massages or cuddles can comfort a child who is worried about the night ahead and their risk of wetting the bed. It is important that the child goes to bed happy and relaxed.

Dim the lights

Under a soft light, which warms the child's bedroom, read stories, sing lullabies, have cuddles… These are all good ways of distracting the child's attention from the risk of wetting the bed.

For children of all ages

Older children are more independent and can put themselves to bed. Nevertheless, they appreciate being able to tell you about their day, sharing a bedtime story, or even a cuddle before going to bed.

DryNites® Pyjama Pants

DryNites® help your child to have a good night's sleep by keeping them dry all night long and giving them the self-confidence they need to stay away from home (with friends, relatives, or on trips).

A final toilet trip

Encourage your child to go to the toilet before going to bed. This will reassure them that they are on the right track, whilst reducing the risk of wetting the bed.

"No thanks, I'm not thirsty"

Don't offer your child drinks (especially carbonated or caffeinated) in the period before their bed time. They should, however, have drunk at least 7 or 8 glasses of water or other liquid throughout the day.

Think happy thoughts

Be positive. Don't bring up the subject of bedwetting. Concentrate instead on the pleasures of bedtime, the time you are spending together to talk, laugh and relax.

In case of accidents

If your child does not wear nighttime underwear and has an accident during the night, keep a dry pair of pyjamas and clean sheets close to hand to make your life easier in case of an accident. If your child puts on a pair of DryNites® Pyjama Pants, even after a little accident, they will get back to sleep more easily and confidently.

Handle the situation kindly

After an incident, your child may well be tense and feel guilty. Reassure them while they get changed and use the bedside light instead of the ceiling light whenever possible.

Good night, sleep well, sweet dreams

Children that suffer from enuresis need lots of comforting; this restores their self-confidence and allows them to go to bed peacefully.

Margie Cameron Bauer
Le 07.06.2018 à 09h18
Enuresis runs in my husband's family, therefore my eldest son, and now his little girl, suffers from it. If only I had DryNites when my son was a little boy, how much easier my life would have been. My little (7 year old) granddaughter can now at least sleep soundly at night, not having to wake up cold and wet (and smelly) in the early morning hours. I was (and still am) so happy when DryNites came onto the market. It also showed my granddaughter that there are other (much older) children that still wets the bed and that she is not alone.
Le 17.01.2018 à 10h01
This site is amazing . Thanks for sharing this info.

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