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Nightly Bedwetting Prevention Tips for Parents

Good habits to adopt and maintain all night long. To avoid bedtime and mornings becoming stressful times, learn about some good habits to adopt

Good bedtime habits

It is not the parents' job to remind children that they must go to the toilet before going to bed. This is something that children must learn to remember by themselves.

If your child wears DryNites Pajama Pants, it is their responsibility to put them on before going to bed. Simply leave the packet in their bedroom so that they remember what they need to do.

Children will have a better night if they are relaxed when they go to bed. A bath and a story is a good way to make bedtimes more enjoyable and calming. There is no use talking about the problem every night, instead take advantage of the time together to enjoy a moment of relaxation and intimacy with your child.

Children aged 9-12 may be big enough to put themselves to bed, but they will still appreciate you spending a moment with them before they go off to bed, even if it is just time for a cuddle or a chat.

Do not wake your child in the night to take them to the bathroom. Let them sleep. Sleep is precious at their age for their growth, emotional and psychomotor development.

Bedwetting upon waking

Has your child wet the bed? Do not scold or humiliate them. They did not do it on purpose and they are not responsible for the situation. Do not exaggerate the problem, reassure your child so that they do not feel guilty.

If your child does not wear nighttime protection, and is old enough to change themselves, leave them a dry pair of pyjamas and clean sheets so that they can do so on their own.

If they use DryNitesPyjama Pants, tell them to throw them away in the morning if they have had an accident.

Updated in November, 2023

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