Stories and Games

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Stories and games

Bedtime is a happy time, a moment for games and stories. Don't let bedwetting spoil that. We have chosen a selection of ideas for you to make the most of the last few minutes before lights out time.

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Make your own shadow puppet theatre!

Shadow puppet theatre is great fun and brings an imaginary world to life. If you are looking for ideas to get started, or advice to make your first shadow characters, you will find our little guide below.

Two hands, infinite puppets!

Shadow puppets made with the hands are simple and very effective. Why not combine your shadow creations with a story that you have made up? Take inspiration from our suggestions at first and then, when you feel more comfortable, you will find it easier to create your own characters.

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Make up your bedtime story!

Let your imagination run free and bring your stories to life by enrolling your friends and loved ones to play the legendary characters. You can also take turns to tell the story, one part at a time. You will be surprised where that can lead!

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